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Houston, TX Mistress ~ Mz Xcellente

Forget the fantasy and experience adventure with Houston’s elite ebony Mistress. The journey to broadening your horizon and satiating your curiosity begin knowing my distinctive qualities…..

I’m authentic, not hidden in a role. Being a dominatrix was a long time desire before becoming professional. Looking back, the Domina within was expressed covertly for years especially in my work in fitness. It was only a matter of time when the real me would no longer stay suppressed.

I confidently assert myself with intellect and wit without theatrics and loudness. I speak direct and clear. Athletic and agile, I flow with precision and grace. Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, my good genetics are maintained by good choices.

My finely tuned skills are poetry in motion. In my presence your submission will be drawn to my power like a magnet.

The years working in health and fitness provided transferable skills and wisdom that are attained with time. I am CPR and first aid certified.

My teachers in the BDSM activities collectively have over 50 years of experience. Through sharing their knowledge, I am privileged in having accelerated guidance and learning in my initial stage of 5 years experience.

Dedicated to achieving my best, I attend both Domcon Atlanta and LA annually, where I learn and network with the finest in the country. This is a standard in any passion or venture I pursue.